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Kelly Hancock, a Fort Worth native, local businessman, and dedicated family man, has served in the Texas Senate since 2013. He previously served three terms in the Texas House of Representatives. Throughout his time in the Texas Legislature, Kelly has shown strong leadership advocating for the core conservative principles of limited government, lower taxes, and traditional family values.

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What a privilege it was to present Earline Andrews with a Texas flag flown over the State Capitol in honor of her 110th birthday, which is coming up tomorrow, Oct. 26th. Her lifetime of kindness and commitment to good citizenship is extraordinary! Help us wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this impressive Texas lady!

This 10-year-old Fort Worth resident is wise beyond his years. #racetokindness

“Jean is holding a collection drive on Saturday, October 24 from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.at the Chisholm Ridge Amenity Center, 1005 Lindstrom Drive, Fort Worth.”

👇🏼 This...

...AND Republicans in the Texas Legislature passed state-level protections for Texans with preexisting conditions, just in case of a future lag in federal action. I would know as I carried the bill. Spread the truth.

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It is amazing to see the millions of dollars coming in from California billionaires funding Democrat candidates in Texas. Apparently, that's California's answer to businesses leaving their state in droves... spend millions trying to turn Texas into California. If you love Texas, help us keep it, by voting and encouraging your friends to vote! #KeepTexasRed #KeepTexasTexas

Welcome to Texas, recruits! And congratulations on your historic accomplishment!

The headline says it all. Texas is still on top! Let’s keep it that way! #VoteRed

Texas passed the most significant, pro-consumer healthcare reform package in the nation last session!

Surprise medical bills = BANNED
Texans with pre-existing conditions = PROTECTED
Outrageous prescription drug prices = EXPOSED

Obamacare - the "Affordable Care Act" - made healthcare LESS affordable. Texas Republicans not only have a plan, we're working hard to bring those costs down and delivering real results. Let's keep it up!

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Wishing our President and First Lady a speedy recovery!

Honored to receive the Texas Oil & Gas Association’s “Legislative Champion” recognition yesterday while the California Governor was BANNING gas-fueled vehicles. I’ve passed business-friendly legislation on electric and traditional transportation options alike and support a free market, “all of the above” approach, NOT this extreme government overreach that’s become indicative of the far left. Don’t let the Democrats California our Texas, folks! #KeepTexasRed #Vote

Welcome to Fort Worth, Ariat and Wesco! Great additions to North Texas.



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