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Kelly Hancock, a Fort Worth native, local businessman, and dedicated family man, has served in the Texas Legislature since 2007. Throughout his time in the Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate, Kelly has shown strong leadership in advocating for the core conservative values of limited government, lower taxes, and traditional family values.

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The application period for the Senate District 9 Texas Armed Services Scholarship is now open. For more information, please click below or contact our local office at (817) 514-3804.

Wise words from a First Lady of grit and grace:

“You must read to your children and you must hug your children and you must love your children. Your success as a family, our success as a society, depends not on what happens in the White House, but on what happens inside your house." -Barbara Bush, 1925-2018

We passed a red light camera ban through the Texas Senate last session. The full Legislature should get this taken care of next time around so folks like Mr. Watson don't have to keep fighting it out in the courts. #txlege

Tarrant County Homeowners: Did you just receive another sky-high property tax appraisal?

Step 1: Consider PROTESTING your appraisal at: www.tad.org
Step 2: VOTE for state AND local conservatives who will fight with us to fix this unsustainable system.
Step 3: JOIN our firepower list of fed-up homeowners who demand property tax reform!

What a great start to the day. Virtual Bible Study with my friends from Georgia, Japan, Mongolia, Texas, & North Carolina. #bsfinternational

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Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter Sunday!

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Hearing from @GeorgeWill and @LtGovPatrick at the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute.event speaking on Liberty, Growth, and Prosperity.

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Coming in to the office to sign a few things and found these “Thank you” letters from FFA students. We’ve assisted with their parking cost at the Fort Worth Show for years and every year they flood our office with appreciation!!

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Senate District 9 convention delegates are hard at work today in both Tarrant and Dallas Co. #letskeeptexasred

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Robin and I had the privilege to be on the same flight back from D.C. as Mr. Orville Rogers. The pilot recognized him and he received an ovation from the passengers. On a side note, Mr. Rogers cold not be confirmed on the flight because the computer system did not recognize anyone over 99 years of age.

To the law enforcement personnel, first responders, federal agents, and all who worked so tirelessly to track down the bomber, THANK YOU from a grateful Texas.

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