Our State Senator. Working Hard to Keep Texas #1.

Our State Senator. Working Hard to Keep Texas #1.

Kelly Hancock is a Fort Worth native, local businessman, and dedicated family man. He has served three terms in the Texas Senate where he’s known as “the go-to man” for getting things done. Kelly consistently shows strong leadership advocating for the core conservative principles – like limited government and lower taxes – that continue to keep Texas #1 in economic growth and job creation.

Recently, Kelly’s 30-year battle with a rare kidney disease made headlines when he received the incredible gift of a kidney transplant from his son-in-law. Kelly and his wife Robin made the decision early on that they wouldn’t let the disease slow them down, and they never did, but they are grateful to report the transplant was a resounding success and Kelly is healthier than ever!

Watch their powerful story below, or read more about Kelly.

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