Capitol Update: Defending Religious Freedom

July 9, 2021

Dear Friends,

The freedom of religion is a fundamental right clearly outlined in the Bill of Rights to our nation’s Constitution.

Nevertheless, when COVID-19 hit, a number of other states — and even some cities and counties right here in Texas — issued orders effectively banning religious services and church gatherings rather than allowing each congregation to determine its own health and safety practices.

Although those orders here in Texas were quickly struck down, it became clear that additional protections were needed.

Today, Gov. Greg Abbott formally signed Senate Joint Resolution 27, legislation I was honored to carry.

SJR 27 proposes an amendment to the Texas Constitution that would explicitly and permanently prohibit state and local governments from shutting down religious services.

This proposed amendment will be on the November ballot for you to vote on. Please consider taking the time to turn out for this important constitutional amendment election, and encourage your friends, family, and churches to do the same.

Gathering together, corporate worship, is fundamental to our free exercise of faith. In Texas, we’re going to ensure that right is never ignored, revoked, or trampled on.


Kelly Hancock
State Senator, District 9
Chairman, Veteran Affairs & Border Security

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