Capitol Update: Round Two

July 10, 2017

Dear Friends,

You may have heard the news that the 85th Texas Legislature is gearing up for round two. We’ve been called back to Austin for a special session that will begin on July 18th.

This became unavoidable when a piece of legislation referred to as a “sunset bill” failed to pass during the regular session. Without that bill, the Texas Medical Board, which oversees the licensing of doctors, would be forced to shut down.

As Governor Abbott put it, if we’re going to have a special session, we’d better make it count!

To that end, our office will carry two of the 20 priority items that were outlined in the special session call…

Strengthening our State Spending Limit

You’ve heard us talk about this issue before, and that’s because this will be the third consecutive session we’ve filed legislation that would limit the growth in state spending based on population and inflation. We believe this bill is worth filing as many times as it takes to pass both the Senate and the House; having it listed on the special session call is an important step in the right direction. After all, in Texas, fiscal responsibility isn’t just a catch phrase, it’s a mandate from the people. Texans can’t spend outside their budgets at home, and our government shouldn’t be able to either.

Cracking Down on Mail-in Ballot Fraud

In North Texas, we have a real and serious problem with mail-in ballot fraud as evidenced by the massive investigation underway at the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. It’s time to tackle this problem with stiffer penalties and new and improved safeguards. If you really think about it, voter fraud is just about the worst kind of theft there is. These criminals are stealing other Americans’ identities — and even their ideas and beliefs that they have the sacred right to express by voting. I look forward to working on this issue during the special session with my Tarrant County colleague, Rep. Craig Goldman.

It is a privilege to work for you at our State Capitol — including in overtime!


Kelly Hancock
State Senator, District 9

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