Texas lawmakers mix pie with politics

March 11, 2013

AUSTIN (KXAN) – From bluebonnets to jalapeños, Texas has a whole list of state symbols. But believe it or not, that list does not include an official pie. But that could change if a group of determined school children have their way.

“Hello, my name is Jude Webster,” the first-grader said, as he pushed opened the door to a Texas lawmaker’s office. “We are from Ford Elementary in Georgetown. Is Senator Hancock available?”

Jude has become a pro at sweet-talking senators after spending a day at the Capitol. He and his class visited the offices of every member of the Administration Committee on Monday with a delicious prop for their lobbying efforts.

“A lot of other states have desserts but not Texas,” Jude explained to one of Hancock’s staffers, as he waited for the lawmaker to end a phone call in the other room.

The project began with his classmate Diego Rodriguez researching Texas facts. “I asked my dad why we didn’t have an official dessert, and now we’ve made it this far,” Diego said.

The students soon sat down to decide which pie should be pitched to lawmakers.

“Since the pecan and the pecan tree are state symbols, I think it would fit in perfectly,” Ashlyn Clawson said.

As Hancock emerged, the class’s plan began to fall into place. Jude opened the box to reveal a freshly baked pecan pie.

“I hope you vote for the pecan pie to become a state symbol,” Jude said.

“Well, I thought it was a state symbol,” Hancock replied. “It surely should be.” After delivering the rest of the pies, the class made its way to the committee’s hearing, where they testified in favor of SCR 12 – a measure that would give their project a passing grade.

“There are two people in my life that love pecan pie – my mom and my grandpa,” Jude told the committee members, including Hancock. “My grandpa would be so proud of Texas.”

By unanimous approval, the committee approved the resolution, which will soon hit the full Senate for a vote.

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